Distributed QoS guarantees for realtime traffic in ad hoc networks

TitleDistributed QoS guarantees for realtime traffic in ad hoc networks
Publication TypeConference Articles
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYang, Y., and R. Kravets
Conference NameSensor and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks, 2004. IEEE SECON 2004. 2004 First Annual IEEE Communications Society Conference on
Date PublishedOct.
Keywordsad hoc networks, channel capacity, cross-layer framework, distributed QoS guarantee, mobile radio, multimedia communication, priority-based admission control, protocols, quality of service, real-time multimedia application, real-time systems, realtime traffic, telecommunication congestion control, telecommunication traffic MAC layer, wireless ad hoc network
AbstractIn this paper, we propose a new cross-layer framework, named QPART (QoS protocol for ad hoc realtime traffic), which provides QoS guarantees to real-time multimedia applications for wireless ad hoc networks. By adapting the contention window sizes at the MAC layer, QPART schedules packets of flows according to their unique QoS requirements. QPART implements priority-based admission control and conflict resolution to ensure that the requirements of admitted real time flows is smaller than the network capacity. The novelty of QPART is that it is robust to mobility and variances in channel capacity and imposes no control message overhead on the network.
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