Encounter-Based Routing in DTNs

TitleEncounter-Based Routing in DTNs
Publication TypeConference Articles
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNelson, S. C., M. Bakht, and R. Kravets
Conference NameIEEE Infocom
AbstractCurrent work in routing protocols for delay and disruption tolerant networks leverage epidemic-style algorithms that trade off injecting many copies of messages into the network for increased probability of message delivery. However, such techniques can cause a large amount of contention in the network, increase overall delays, and drain each mobile node’s limited battery supply. We present a new DTN routing algorithm, called Encounter-Based Routing (EBR), which maximizes delivery ratios while minimizing overhead and delay. Furthermore, we present a means of securing EBR against black hole denialof- service attacks. EBR achieves up to a 40% improvement in message delivery over the current state-of-the-art, as well as achieving up to a 145% increase in goodput. Also, we further show how EBR outperforms other protocols by introduce three new composite metrics that better characterize DTN routing performance.
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