MOCA: Mobile Certificate Authority for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

TitleMOCA: Mobile Certificate Authority for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Publication TypeConference Articles
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsYi, S., and R. Kravets
Conference NameThe Second Annual PKI Research Workshop (PKI)
AbstractPKI has been recognized as one of the most effective tools for providing security for dynamic networks. However, providing such an infrastructure in ad hoc wireless networks is a challenging task due to their infrastructure-less nature. In this paper, we present these challenges in detail, identify the requirements for such solutions, and propose a practical PKI service for ad hoc networks. We employ threshold cryptography to distribute the CA functionality over specially selected nodes based on the security and the physical characteristics of nodes. The selected nodes that collectively provide PKI functionality are called MOCA (MObile Certificate Authority)s. Using these MOCAs, we present an efficient and effective communication protocol for correspondence with MOCAs for certification services. Results from our simulations verify the effectiveness and the efficiency of our approach.
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