Synchronization vs. Signaling: Energy-Efficient Coordination in WSN

TitleSynchronization vs. Signaling: Energy-Efficient Coordination in WSN
Publication TypeConference Articles
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAshraf, F., R. Crepaldi, and R. Kravets
Conference NameFifth IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks (WiMesh 2010)
Date Published06/2010
Conference LocationBoston, MT
AbstractSynchronization and signaling are two common approaches used for coordination in duty-cycling wireless sensor networks. In this paper we analyze the trade off between these two approaches used for energy-efficient communication. Finally, we present Neighborhood-based Power Management (NPM), a hybrid MAC protocol that minimizes signaling overhead through opportunistically gained knowledge about neighbor wakeup schedules. Unlike the synchronization-based MAC protocols, NPM does not require a priori knowledge of the wakeup sched- ules. Using only a minimal exchange of schedule information, NPM reduces the signaling overhead by combining adaptive preambling with its neighborhood wakeup mechanism. Our simulations show that NPM outperforms popular B-MAC, X-MAC and SCP protocols under all network conditions.
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