Throughput guarantees for multi-priority traffic in ad hoc networks

TitleThroughput guarantees for multi-priority traffic in ad hoc networks
Publication TypeConference Articles
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsYang, Y., and R. Kravets
Conference NameMobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, 2004 IEEE International Conference on
Date PublishedOct.
Keywordsaccess protocols, ad hoc network throughput guarantees, ad hoc networks, admitted realtime flow throughput, bandwidth allocation, bandwidth allocation model, best effort flows, DiffServ networks, flow priority, joint admission control/rate policing protocol, MPARC, multipriority traffic, QoS guarantees, quality of service MAC protocols, rate control, service differentiation, wireless ad hoc networks
AbstractWe present MPARC (multi-priority admission and rate control), a novel joint admission control and rate policing protocol for multi-priority ad hoc networks. MPARC is based on our novel bandwidth allocation model and guarantees that the throughput of admitted realtime flows will not decrease due to later arriving realtime flows with equal or lower priorities or due to best effort flows. MPARC achieves this goal by performing accurate admission control on every newly arriving realtime flow and appropriate rate policing on all best effort traffic. Through simulation, we demonstrate that MPARC has better performance than existing approaches.
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