Transport level mechanisms for bandwidth aggregation on mobile hosts

TitleTransport level mechanisms for bandwidth aggregation on mobile hosts
Publication TypeConference Articles
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMagalhaes, L., and R. Kravets
Conference NameNetwork Protocols, 2001. Ninth International Conference on
Date PublishedNov.
Keywordsbandwidth aggregation, bandwidth allocation, bandwidth estimation, channel aggregation, channel resources, congestion control, congestion-based losses, infrared communication, loss characterization, lossy wireless links, mobile computing, mobile hosts, mobile nodes, mobile radio, multiple heterogeneous network interfaces, multiplexing, optical communication, packet interarrival time, packet radio networks, parameter estimation, reliable multiplexing transport protocol, telecommunication channels, telecommunication congestion control, transmission-based losses, transport layer, transport level mechanisms, transport protocols additional bandwidth
AbstractPresent mobile computing does not support the simultaneous use of multiple heterogeneous network interfaces for a single transport layer connection. We describe a solution for channel aggregation at the transport layer, which provides increased bandwidth to mobile nodes. We present R-MTP (reliable multiplexing transport protocol), a rate-based reliable transport protocol capable of multiplexing data from a single application data stream across multiple network interfaces. Due to the lossy nature of wireless links in mobile environments, R-MTP tracks packet interarrival time for discrimination between congestion-based and transmission-based losses as well as better bandwidth estimation. The challenges to such a reliable protocol lie in the coordination of packets across streams with varying channel characteristics. Our experimental results validate R-MTP's bandwidth estimation and loss characterization techniques. Successful bandwidth aggregation is demonstrated in ideal and lossy environments.
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